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Ultimate delicate zone soap for women, men, couples and families

Many people of all genders got troubles of delicate zones.

"fiis" intimate soap is exclusively for the delicate zone.

Born with various consumer's voices.

Luxury soap with a new concept that 'Wash with a generous amount of moisturizing cosmetological ingredients'

Whitening and firmness while washing, and keeps it clean without trouble.

Antioxidant / anti-aging ​ Also contains countermeasure ingredients.

You can also use it as a face wash.


Beauty is born from the care of the delicate zone ... ​

Would you like to try a new habit for daily care?

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What is 'fiis'?


'Adjust pH balance'

A weakly acidic ingredient formulation that matches the pH value to the delicate zone, keeping the necessary bacteria

Gently cleans the germs that cause odor and itching.


'Wash + give'

Contains plenty of high-class beauty ingredients that give transparency and firmness, as well as antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients.

A unique high quality soap that is directly linked to washing and giving beauty ingredients.

It can also be used as a face wash.


"Creamy foam"

Friction-less delicate zones that are easily damaged by the firm foam.

Gently wash while relieving irritation.


Luxury delicate zone soap 100ml

¥3,960 yen (VAT included,delivery fee ¥700 yen)

​ Free delivery for purchases over ¥12,000 yen


[How to use]

Take one push and whisk well

Gently wash and rinse the delicate zone.

Recommend using a whipping net.

'Q & A Frequently Asked Questions'

How many pushes do I need for a single use?

⇨ It depends on how you whisk, but we recommend using a whipping net.
If you use a foaming net, one push will be enough to foam.
If there is excess foam, use it on other delicate areas (armpits, chest, etc.).

Is it for women only?

⇨ No, you can use it regardless of gender or age. Men are also prone to trouble in the delicate zone. Recommended for anyone who wants to be healthy, clean and beautiful.

Can it be used in areas other than the delicate zone?

⇨ Of course you can use it. Especially the face is recommended. However, its detergency is lower than that of soap, so it is not suitable for oily stains such as foundation.


Is it okay to get inside the vagina?

⇨ Since the vagina has a self-cleaning effect, it is recommended to avoid washing with foam. Fiis is also for cleaning the outside of the vagina, so it is not suitable for cleaning the inside. However, please be assured that there is no problem with a little bubbles getting inside.

Can it be used for children?
Yes you can use it as body soap.
If you have allergies, have skin problems, or have any concerns, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

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