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Women’s Self  Care
Happy life for the future

For a healthy and happy life ...  

Women's Care Yoga  is a new and unique program that focus on alleviating autonomic nerve system disorder and menopausal symptoms and improve balance of female hormone. 

It’s targeting to improve: Posture・Blood circulation stimulating・Autonomic nerve operation while exercise・Menstruation・Pregnancy・Postpartum・Menopause

Life stage of women are multiple and changing constantly and occasionally  disruption caused by stress, change of life style.


Do you have symptoms below?


These symptoms may caused by autonomic nerve ataxia, poor blood circulation.

Women’s care yoga will relieve these symptoms dramatically and make your life happy and healthy!


Would you like to have an experience ?

Feel free to apply for the trial lesson or email us any inquiries.


femballe pilates®︎

Femballe Pilates®︎

Focus on the pelvic floor muscles and inner muscles.

New Pilates method Femballe Pilates®︎

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While using the small soft ball , Femballe Pilates trains and tightens the pelvic floor muscles, and exercises to work on the inner muscles of the abdominal muscles, which is effective for tightening the lower abdominal,aiming for stability of the trunk.

In particular, the "pelvic floor muscles" are inner muscles that are very important for women.

The pelvic floor like a hammock. The main role is

⚫︎Supports pelvic organs (uterus, bladder, rectum) and keeps them in the correct position

⚫︎Control and maintain sexual function, urine ban, and stool ban

⚫︎Supports the function of the openings of the rectum, vagina, and urethra


It is an important muscle that works. Originally, the pelvic floor muscles are about 9 cm thick on average, but when weakened due to chronic lack of exercise or childbirth, they become thin to about 3 cm.

Weakness of the pelvic floor muscles causes urine leakage, difficulty urinating, constipation, and abdomen.

Indeed ,about 90% of women experience incontinence after childbirth

By training the inner muscle safely and effectively while using the ball, problems such as urine leakage, back pain, stiff shoulders, and hip pain are alleviated! By consciously tightening the pelvic floor muscles, you can also improve constipation!

It is also the best exercise for recovery after childbirth and hernia.

Online Group Lesson Trial

【1time Trial ¥1,700yen】

     Ad-hock Wed&Weekend 


Yoga&Pilates Group Lesson 

【5times package ¥8,000yen】

     Ad-hock Wed&Weekend 


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