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The Frontiers of Inner Cell Beauty Care

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"MERIQUE" was born from cutting-edge cell cosmetology science, which is the ultimate technology that origin of beauty fundamental.

Its own originality to maximize the skin's natural, it was developed through repeated lab test and studying trade back to 3.8 billion years ago.


Focusing on the function of the "Inner Cell" (the cell interior), which is different from the conventional beauty methods.

A beauty ingredient that improves "intracellular dryness, intracellular oxygen deficiency, and intracellular oxidation" that cause skin problems.

Uses the patented "Inner Cell Water" that is luxuriously blended and enhances cell permeability.

Aiming to improve the quality of the stratum corneum, it leads to smooth and glowing skin and produce ultimate beauty.


Bringing you a destiny that goes beyond the beauty ever ..."MERIQUE" is a high-technology skin care brand for ideally perfect skin.

Delivery fee ¥700 yen

Free delivery on purchases over ¥12,000 yen (VAT included) 

8 additive-free ingredients

'Rich moisturizing anti-aging cream '

The most advanced aging care cream from Japan's cutting-edge technology that combines penetration power and protective power for the stratum corneum. 

Double advance cream

(Anti-aging care cream, made in Japan)

30g 11,000 yen (VAT included, delivery fee ¥700yen)

For maximize plumping,rich moisture,firmness and glowing.

Discerning 8 additive-free formulation with 4 plant-derived stem cells. A luxurious combination of 5 functional peptides and proteoglycans.

This anti-aging cream produced with evolving formula by Japan's the most advance technology. It brings you a dullness fine skin


[How to use]

Estimated usage: 1 pearl grain size

After conditioning your skin with lotion and serum, place an appropriate amount on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, and gently cover the entire face and adsorb into skin.

For areas where dryness, wrinkles add some more layer on

For details, see instruction.


'Gives bare skin firmness and brightness '

Sensational massage cream. Just like massage with rich serum


Active massage cream

(Beauty massage cream, made in Japan)

120g 7,700 yen (VAT included, delivery fee ¥700yen)

Achieves a smooth finish without stickiness.

A non-greasy, smooth cream with plenty of moisturizing ingredients

Gives bare skin firmness and brightness. Also improves swelling that you can use for tired legs.

It will leads to lively and radiant skin.


The recommended usage is

✴︎ Swelling face or legs

✴︎ Before washing your face in the morning, put it on your face thickly as a mask, leave it for 5 minutes and massage lightly and wash it off to improve transparency and firmness!

✴︎ For foot massage and body massage.

(Great effect when using massage tool!)


[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount and let it blend into your skin

Please massage. It can be used on the whole body.

​Rinse lightly with lukewarm water or turn off the tissue.


" Approaching problems of dullness, firmness and pores "

Brightening clear pack with Vitamin C


Active clear pack

(Beauty Brightening Pack, Made in Japan)

120g 11,000 yen ( VAT included, delivery fee ¥700yen)


A brightening pack that confronts the causes of dullness and brings a transparency and silky skin. It is safe with 8 additives free while it contains plenty of 2 types of vitamin C derivatives and beauty moisturizing ingredients .

Use 2-3 times a week to significantly improve the transparency of your skin.

After use, it will be moisturized and you will feel the firmness of pores and brighter skin.

When you found that...

✴︎ Dullness and slack in pores

✴︎ Exposed to plenty of sunlight

✴︎ Dry and less elasticity

[How to use]

Take an appropriate amount and spread it while blending it to the extent that the skin is hidden.

Rinse with lukewarm water after 15 to 20 minutes.


" Moisturized UV protection 8 additives-free"

Non-chemical UV bright protection SPF50 PA++++


UV bright protection SPF50+ PA++++

(Sunscreen/makeup base)·made in Japan)

35g6,050 yen (tax included, shipping 700 yen)


A multifunctional UV cream that makes your skin bright and moisturized while protect from UV and environmental stress.

The non-chemical formula with non-UV absorbers and SPF50+ PA++++ provides strong protection.

Smooth and silky texture spreads well gently on to skin with a light feather touch without stickness. A light cherry blossom pink cream that improves the clarity of your skin. It can also be used as a makeup base.


[How to use] Estimated usage amount: 1-2 pumps

*Take an appropriate amount and spread it evenly over your face and neck.

*Use after skin care.

*Not waterproof.

*Please gently remove with facial cleanser.


"Plumping wrinkle and radiant"

Advanced wrinkle care cream mask for eyes


Advance Eye Cream Mask

(Wrinkle care mask, Made in Japan)

32sets 8,800 yen ( VAT included, delivery fee ¥700yen)


This is a description of a new type of eye care cream mask that been tested for its effectiveness in reducing small wrinkles caused by dryness.

It delivers moisture to the areas around the eyes and mouth where small wrinkles and sagging giving the skin a plump and radiant glow.

The high-viscosity beauty cream is packaged in a sheet. The special two-layer sheet has a high wrapping effect and adheres perfectly to the skin, transferring the beauty ingredients contained in the cream from the sheet to the skin.


It is a special care product that can be added to your daily routine. By using it continuously, it can improve wrinkles and bring youthful firmness to your skin.

[How to use]Recommended usage 1 or 2 times a week

①Split 2 masks and place under the eye, side of mouth after use lotion

②Adhere on to skin and remove 10min. Absorb well cream

③Please use cream after then

IMG_4565 2.png

Fiis Intimate Soap

Luxury delicate zone soap

Made in Japan

100ml ¥3,960 yen (VAT included)



Advance Marine Eye Cream Mask

Made in Japan

32 masks  ¥8,800 yen(shipping/ VAT included)

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