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The only yoga mat you will ever need

Douce produces high-quality excellent products.

Douce is the only company that handles 'Arpi' training mat domestically.

MERIQUE is a cutting-edge cosmetic product that is made in Japan, has eight additives free, and has patented advanced cell science. It softens wrinkles and dullness, keeping your skin moist and glow.

Your journey starts now with The Essential Arpi Yoga Mat.

The Arpi Yoga Mat, is one of the highest quality exercise yoga mats in the world. 

It’s the combination of technical know how and unwavering commitment to luxury that sets our yoga mats apart. Our products reflect luxury as well as highly technical yet aesthetic, made from hi-tech phthalate free PVC which is 100% eco-friendly. Using sustainable rubber, our mats are toxic free, biodegradable and recyclable.


Features Overview



The Essential yoga mats are made from a hi-tech rubber like materials, specially formulated to be soft to touch without compromising on strength, support and comfort.



Our commitment to luxury is what sets Arpi apart from other yoga mats. We believe in producing the best quality product by combining the latest in technologies with all natural materials. Manufactured under the OEK-TEX standard, the strictest standard available in the textile industry.



Arpi’s antimicrobial surface layer provides you with protection from potentially harmful bacteria and mould build-up. This gives you the peace of mind that your yoga mat will stay fresh and germ free for longer.



The Essential Arpi yoga mat’s surface is water and sweat resistant, providing a dry and moisture free platform for your workout.



Phthalate-free PVC which is 100% eco-friendly, toxic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. It’s the healthy choice for you and our planet!



Arpi’s superior grip formula, ensures extra safety and support preventing you from slipping during your practice or workout even when you sweat.


Essential beauty products that add even more beauty


"MERIQUE" born from Japan's most advanced cell beauty science

A beauty product series that adds beauty that shines from the inside.

​ Brings you a unlimited beauty ever...

Wash with serum.. New concept "Fiis"

It's for troubles in the delicate zone. Keeps the delicate zone clean and moisturized.

Additives free, made in Japan. 


Shipping fee for beauty products ¥700 yen

Free shipping for those with a total purchase amount of 12,000 yen 

Arpi.Yoga Mat Free Domestic Shipping

10%OFF coupon gift for those who purchase 4 private lessons package 

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