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Douce Tokyo Bay

Yoga・Pilates・Body Make

Healthy mind create graceful body


‘Douce’ means  ‘Comfort’ ‘Calm’ ‘Peaceful’… in French

Our concept is to provide the experience of doing your own special lessons at your favorable time in a comfortable environment while relieving your body and mind.

Our uniqueness are,

  • Flexible lesson schedule.

  • Specialised program addressing women’s major problem such as menopause.

  • First ever Hybrid of Yoga and Pilates lesson.

  • Lesson in multi languages, English ,Chinese and Japanese.

Douce is a completely private lesson system for all clients.  

We customize the Yoga & Pilates lesson menu according to your physical conditions/problems after careful consultation in private.  Flexible choice of venue such as face-to-face lessons, online lessons, and on-site lessons.  

In addition, we do not charge any admission fee, membership fee, and monthly membership fee.

It is flexible, you can design your own ideal lesson schedule to fit your timetable.


Guide to realize the effect

*For those who want to adjust the symptoms and conditions in a short period of time, ideally 4 times a month (about once a week)  

* For those who want to keep the best condition, about twice a month.


 !! Caution !! These are just general projection. It depends on individual conditions and symptoms.


Upon detail counseling, we will create a lesson menu from 4 themes.  Counseling is available either face-to-face or online by Zoom.  We will provide counseling as well after each lesson.

Relaxing, Relieving and Pleasant

Face-to-face private lesson 75mins

(Counseling 15mins + Real lesson 60mins) 

 First trial price ¥ 5,500 (VAT included)

Online private lesson 75mins

(Counseling 15mins + Real lesson 60mins) 

First trial price ¥ 4,400 (VAT included)

phonto 17.JPG

Online Group Lesson Schedule

Offline / Online Group Lesson

Small group lessons and online lessons are being held at the Inage Kaigan salon at the same time.

Welcome Non-Japanese speaker!

Trial 1time ticket ¥1700yen

<No admission fee,No monthly fee>


Offline / Online group lesson 50 mins
Small group face-to-face lesson & online lesson

1 time  ¥ 1,700 (tax included)

5 times package  ¥ 8,000 (tax included)

Lesson on demand
Learn while watching videos at your free time and any place!
Even if you are busy and find it difficult to fit into a fixed lesson schedule, you can continue exercise at your own pace.
For those who want to review and practice repeatedly too···

On demand movie 50mins
1 Lesson ¥1,100 (tax included)


Arpi. Essential Training Mat

Reflect luxury and quality


The Arpi Yoga Mat, is one of the highest quality exercise yoga mats in the world. 

Now exclusively available in Douce!

It’s the combination of technical know how and unwavering commitment to luxury that sets our yoga mats apart.  Arpi Yoga Mat reflects luxury as well as highly technical yet eco-friendly aesthetic.

Our yoga mats are ideal for multiple fitness platforms, including Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Bodyweight Training, and Rehabilitation Programs.

Arpi_White Angel_Roll_web copy.png

Free Domestic Delivery

10% OFF Coupon will be given for purchase a package of 4 sessions private lessons! (Free shipping)


At the time when I was working in Hong Kong, I used to face long working hours and daily hectic schedule as Director of a jewellery brand.  As a result, my physical condition dropped gradually and I got body joint aches from time to time.  Since then I started to exercise in gym and do Yoga practice but it didn’t help much and my problem got even worse!  One of my instructors somehow recommended me to do Pilates for a better and faster recovery.  It really works, not only tone-up my body condition and it improves my body alignment as well.  From that experience, I developed greater interest in Pilates and hoping to be an instructor one day could help people who suffer from similar problems.
After my retirement, I returned to Japan and acquired a Mat Pilates instructor and Women’s Care Yoga instructor licenses.

Always stay considerate of everyone's problem and try to get recovery together! 

Healthy mind reflect graceful body!



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Executive Trainer
Yumi Kawashima

Mat Pilates Instructor Level 1&2, Advance 
BESJ Reformer and tower Pilates Instructor
Women’s Care Yoga Instructor
Femballe Pilates® Founder

Language: Japanese / English / Chinese

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